Saturday, June 28, 2008

9. Origin of name - Champaign

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The City of Champaign was named after the Champaign county where Champaign-Urbana are located. Now, how did the county come to be named "Champaign"?

Well, as mentioned in the previous post about Urbana, the region was settled by folks coming from the Champaign county of Ohio. (Any surprise that the largest city/county seat of that county in Ohio is "Urbana"?). Anyway, why was it named Champaign to begin with? Well, we can refer to our French-English dictionary about that. In French, "Champaign" means "a plain" or "open level country". Apparently, the land was as flat as the prairie we see in our Chambana!!

Talk about deja vu !!!


Lisa said...

All of this history is very interesting. I think I had heard the origin of the name "Champaign," but had forgotten the fact. Makes perfect sense, though, doesn't it?!

RH said...

True, this whole area is summed up by the name :)