Thursday, June 26, 2008

7. Wright and Green, the heart of U of I campus

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Originally uploaded by Ragib Hasan.
Where do you want to be when you first arrive at Chambana? Definitely, you should come to the corner of Green Street and Wright Street. This forms the center of the U of I campus. On the south east side, you'd see the Illini Union, the place where students hang out all day.

On the south west, you have Moonstruck cafe, one of the best places to have a good sip of hot chocolate in town. The Folett bookstore is at the north west corner (visible in the photo). The Everitt lab of the ECE dept is on the north east side.

The traffic signal here lasts for 18 seconds, and you can pass diagonally. There are a LOT of different types of restaurants along green street as you walk along it to the west.

So, enjoy, have a bite at those cafes/restaurants, and take a sip of hot chocolate as you stroll around the campus.