Monday, October 13, 2008

34. Hospitals and Clinics in Champaign - Urbana

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Need to see a doctor? Have to visit the emergency room, or just have to get a prescription?

In Champaign-Urbana, you are in good hands. The area has some very good hospitals with great reputation in the East Central Illinois region. Following is the list of medical centers, hospitals, clinics in Champaign Urbana area. Note that, today, I'll just write about the Big 3 hospitals / Clinics in the area.

Carle Foundation Hospital and Clinics
Carle Foundation Clinic and Hospital [website] is the biggest one in the area. It has numerous clinics and out patient services, cancer institute, and pediatric facilities. The main facility is located at
611 W. Park Street, Urbana, Illinois 61801. Phone (217) 383-3311. They recently expanded a lot, and have buildings on either side of University Avenue.

Here is how you can get to the main facility from various directions / Interstates.

Here are their clinic locations:

Carle Clinic – Urbana on Windsor
1818 E. Windsor Road
, Urbana
(217) 255-9500

Carle Clinic – Champaign on Curtis
1701 W. Curtis Road
, Champaign
(217) 365-6200

Carle Clinic Association
602 W. University Avenue
, Urbana
Breezeway at Carle Foundation Hospital
(217) 383-3077

[The Mattis and Kirby locations are now closed for renovations, so check out the above addresses for the particular service you are looking for]

And here are some useful Carle Phone numbers

  • Patient Rooms (217) 383-6000
  • Patient Advisory Nurse (217) 383-3233
  • Emergency Department (217) 383-3313
  • Patient Accounting (217) 326-2900
  • OB Services (217) 383-3140

Provena Covenant Hospital / Clinic

This is a Catholic hospital system with facilities in many cities [Website]. In Urbana, they have a big hospital, located right next to the University (esp. the Computer Science department at Siebel center).

"Provena Covenant Medical Center in Urbana, Illinois, is where a tradition of clinical excellence and service to others come together to create powerful healing. A 254-bed regional hospital serving 13 east central Illinois and western Indiana counties, Provena Covenant continues to be honored for its achievements in advancing patient care. "

Address: 1400 W. Park St, Urbana, Illinois 61801

Phone numbers
  • General Information (217) 337-2000
  • PRO Ambulance (217) 337-2911
  • PRO Medivan (217) 337-2911
  • Emergency Department (217) 337-2131
  • Family Maternity Center (217) 337-2122
  • Home Health Care (217) 337-2433
  • Hospice Care Center (217) 337-CARE
  • Pharmacy (217) 337-4545
  • Rehabilitation Center (217) 337-2109
  • Volunteer Services (217) 337-2378

Christie Clinic
In Champaign Urbana, Christie Clinic has several locations. [web]

Christie Clinic on University
101 West University Avenue
Champaign IL 61820

Christie Clinic on Windsor
1801 West Windsor Road
Champaign IL 61821

Christie Clinic at Provena Covenant
1400 West Park Street
Urbana IL 61801

Christie Clinic in Urbana
1710 East Windsor Road
Urbana IL 61802

Christie Clinic at County Market - Corner of Kirby & Duncan
2901 West Kirby Avenue
Champaign IL 61821

Christie Clinic at County Market - Glenn Park Drive
1914 Glenn Park Drive
Champaign IL 61821

Christie Clinic Cancer Center
109 West University Avenue
Champaign IL 61820

Christie Clinic at C U Sleep
1207 South Mattis Avenue, Suite #3
Champaign IL 61821

And of course we do have the good ol' ...

McKinley Health Center

Well, this is actually a clinic for U of I students. [web]
Location 1109 S. Lincoln Ave. Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: 217-333-2701

For difficult cases, they will invariably refer you to the other locations. Still, for students, it's quite convenient to go to ... it's located on Lincoln, and on or near several bus routes.


That's all for today, may be I'll write about smaller clinics and convenient care facilities in Champaign Urbana area.