Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6. Weather in Champaign - Urbana

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Chambana has the typical midwest weather ... snowy winters, mild spring, hot hot hot summer, and then wonderful colorful fall.

Springtime is April/May, then there is summer between June and August, when temperatures go as high as 100 degrees. Then Fall is between September and November.

Chilly winters start from December, though there is not much snow until January. From January till March, it snows here. of course, the amount of snow is little compared to most other places ... but at times it is usual to have 6 to 12 inch snowfall.

Things to watch out here: Tornadoes!! Illinois is in Tornado country ... from March to June, Tornadoes sirens may wail, and if you can hear one, go head towards the basement, or tornado shelter!!