Monday, August 18, 2008

27. Asian / Chinese/ Korean ethnic groceries in Champaign Urbana

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Besides the Indian ethnic grocery I mentioned in #20, there are several other Asian grocery stores in Champaign - Urbana. These are mainly Chinese groceries, but also carry other Asian cuisines such as Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino etc.

Following is a list of Asian Grocery stores in Chambana.

  • AM-KO Oriental Food : Located at the corner of 1st and Springfield in Champaign, this Korean Grocery store carries a huge collection of Asian grocery items. They have seafood, Kimchi, noodles, Indian spices/groceries, rice, herbs,tea, fresh vegetables etc.

  • Chang's Oriental Mart : This is located between Neil and Randolph, and on Green. Right next to Annapoorna ... and the Champaign Public Library. This family run store has a lot of chinese grocery items. Even better, they have the best Butter fish (my favorite). You also get milk powder, vegetable, and different kinds of fish.

  • Euro Mart : Located at the corner of 1st and Springfield in Champaign (diagonally opposite to Am-Ko), this is more of a Mediterranean grocery, and carries mostly middle eastern items. They do have Halaal/kosher meat, lamb, beef, chicken etc. A huge collection of Cheese, Olives and other such, items.

  • Far East Market : The store doesn't give a good impression from the outside, but the moment you step inside, you'll be surprised. This store has perhaps the largest collection of Asian food items. The aisles are narrow, as they have a lot of different types of spices, canned food, fresh fish, vegetables, pickles, and what not! I especially like their seafood collection, but you've got to go there and see it for yourself.

  • Green Onion : I haven't been there, but they are supposed to have organic and asian food/veggies.

  • Lee's Oriental Foods : This is at the corner of Neil and Kirby (right next to the Walgreens). They carry Korean groceries.

  • Maligaya's Store : I have not been to this store, but it is listed as a Filipino grocery.

  • World Harvest International & Gourmet Foods : Like Euro-Mart, this is a Mediterranean grocery store. They have middle-eastern, arab, European stuff. Lamb/beef/chicken, kosher/halaal. Also a lot of cheese, olives etc. Good collection of exclusive items, chockolates etc. But the prices are a bit high.


Lisa said...

A friend just told me about Maligaya's; I plan to go check it out soon and hopefully file a report! Of course, you already knew about it. ;)