Tuesday, August 12, 2008

26. Monsters and the law in Urbana

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While reading about funny laws throughout the world, in particular the "funny Illinois law" section, I suddenly came across this interesting entry:

It is against the law for a monster to enter the corporate limits of Urbana, Illinois.

I felt intrigued and safe ... wow, the city is off limits to monsters!! So if the day comes when Godzilla or Freddy or Chucky or other monsters wander around the cornfields (so typical hang-out place for monsters), all I need to do is to cross Wright street to the East side and enter Urbana. The monsters should obey the law, and stop dead on their tracks ... honest law abiding monsters won't have the "courage" to come after the citizens of Urbana. (How lucky that I've moved from monster friendly Champaign to Urbana a few years ago!!)

But seriously, is it really a law?

After some googling, I came across this page, which gives the following explanation, an act from 1872,

Third. Circuses, menageries, caravans, hippodromes,side-shows and concerts, minstrel or musical entertainments given under a canvas, exhibitions of freaks of nature or monsters, and all exhibitions that may be given in the open air or under a canvas, not herein specifically mentioned, shall be known as entertainments of the third class.

Sec. 2. No person or persons shall give any entertainment mentioned in this chapter, within the corporate limits of the city, for gain,
without a license therefor, first had and obtained from the City Clerk, under the corporate seal, under a penalty of not less than ten dollars nor more than
two hundred dollars for each offense.

So, there you go ... its TRUE!!! Monsters can't just walk into Urbana doing their usual Monster stuff ... they need to get a License!! Otherwise, they have to pay a fine between $10 and $200!!

So, next time the Chidlren of the Corn or Godzilla start heading towards Urbana, you can just whip out this statute, and tell them it's illegal for monsters to enter Urbana sans a license ...

[Image: Domo kun , from Commons]


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