Tuesday, July 8, 2008

13. Thai Restaurants in Champaign Urbana

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If you are craving for spicy Thai food, look no further. Champaign-Urbana has several good Thai restaurants. (not to mention other Asian places that have a Thai menu).

Siam Terrace

The best place is perhaps Siam Terrace in Race and Main in downtown Urbana. The place is nice, and seems to be crowded even during weekdays. The entrees are reasonably priced. We've been to Thai restaurants at NYC, DC and California, but somehow we felt that Siam Terrace is as good as, if not better than all fancy Thai restaurants in big cities.

There is ample parking available next to the restaurant, and also at a city parking lot 2 buildings to the west on Main. And if you are going there in the evening, then you can probably park at Busey Bank's parking lot across the street.

They also have a very cheap lunch menu during weekdays, so if you have time, visit them during lunch hours to get the delicious entrees for almost half the price.

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Nitaya Thai

This is in Downtown Champaign, at the corner of Church and Neil. I think that, in terms of food quality, it is almost at the same league as Siam Terrace. The prices are similar. The only problem might be parking ... they have limited street parking available in front of them, though you might park at the corner. The service wasn't as good as Siam Terrace the time I went there, but may be you'll get a different experience there.

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Thara Thai

This family-run thai restaurant is on Bloomington Road, right off Prospect (beside Econolodge). I am not sure if they have changed owners recently ... but the original owner was very nice. The food is also great. They do have a lot of free parking.

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Other Thai restaurants include
  • Basil Thai Cafe (one on 5th and Green, Champaign, the other in 701 S Gregory St Urbana)
  • Y Eatery, on 1001 Wright street (next to the main library of UofI)
  • Home of Gourmet Chinese and Thai Restaurant, 604 E Daniel St, Champaign